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Topic subjectwell my opinions are slightly different.
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15910, well my opinions are slightly different.
Posted by Ailyha, Wed May-30-01 06:01 AM
unlike blue 23, i thought their album was refreshing and i still bump it. Even though i don't listen to two songs, I think that's good for an album. I just felt like number 4 and five should have been released on the radio, personally.
People just love injustice songs like number 5.
Maybe they are a hard sale, but if they had a label to really root for them, it wouldn't be so bad.
As far as the Jazzies live (I saw them at the New Orleans show), I was wondering how in the hell did they get an album also. That was before I bought the cd...their live voices sound a lil smurfy squirrely or maybe the sound was bad, but I think they have a cool studio voice.

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