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Topic subjectRE: FUHUCK DAT SHIT YO...
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Posted by peace3, Mon Jul-02-01 06:01 AM
>da hell is up???
>be like big daddy & talk
>calm & plain to a
>HOW are ppl selected to be
>over the course of the year
>+ that i've been postin
>on okayplayer
>it's gone frum the core of
>the roots/d'angelo/the jazzys
>actually...i'm not certain WHO the roots
>were beyond the roots themselves
>but i like to see fam
>connect w/fame {not a type-o}
>no doubt
>but what the fuck is goin
>i feel as tho...the sensibilities of
>the okayplayers who log-in are
>bein taken advantage of
>it's almost as if certain artists
>are bein thrown into the
>soul fracas & we're supposed
>to go "YAAAAAAAAY!!!"
>& for what good reason???
>okayplayer.com has seen a HELLUVA lot
>of support frum ppl of
>the site & of the
>music...but what's up w/this kelis
>shit???...what does she have to
>do w/okayplayer???...she's touted on the
>news page {where shit CAN
>be expected to be news-WORTHY}...but
>does she have any mettle
>to okayplayer itself???...everythin is 'hint
>this'...'alludin to that'...stop doin that
>i know ppl are gettin HELLIFIED
>money or promise thereof...perks free
>promo by okayplayers...by havin their
>artists associated w/this site...who street
>teams words of mouth like
>an okayplayer???...ASK HIDDEN BEACH {whether
>or not they commission'd as
>much is beyond the point}
>stop usin okayplayers
>who u all hang with is
>not "fam" to the ppl
>of the site
>can the ppl who log onto
>this site still look to
>the purveyors of it to
>introduce us to ppl of
>artistic merit & not simply
>those who hang out...hitch their
>mules to risin wagons...or so
>happen to share line-ups not
>MCA or okayplayer derived???
>u think i don't believe some
>of these muthafuckas out here
>know of the might of
>a site such as this
>before they start droppin nickels
>into the phone & requestin
>lunch dates or ordin up
>okayplayer tees & shit???
>yeah...ppl of this site may very
>well know A WHOLE LOT
>OF PPL frum way back
>when...but what relevance do they
>have to the site TODAY???...information...an
>expoundin...i'd appreciate it
>i'm tired of the news page
>lookin like a who's who
>or a society column...i look
>for the artists who make
>it to the news page
>to have some relevance to
>the roots or the soulquarians

if you don't like the artists don't log on. lol
You seem frustrated in a childish manner.

"Poppin a chil pill then/I tell'em what God send'em/Dat's a niggaz decorum/I keep flowin like church Organs on Sunday Mornin/Pourin sermons/servin even to the undeserving/swerving hittin niggaz posted on the curb maing! Wit subliminal Slang"---Pablo (PeaceShine)