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Topic subjectshe didnt say it was her website
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15637, she didnt say it was her website
Posted by t510, Sun Jul-01-01 08:17 AM
but the website is only as good as its content. if someone who COMES to the site does not comprehend why information is on there, they can't sound off?

this thread was resolved after like the 15th response. homegirl wanted clarification, got it, and tried to step, but people all late in the game want to come (such as yourself) and try to rip someone a new one because its not typical with status quo. get the fuck out of here with that crap. unless you have some sort of imput relating to her question(s), or some genuine constructive crit as to why her post a bit too harsh for the question...step, because YOUR kind of response has been said and done already, on this thread, and numerous others before your time.

might find ya man dead in the ocean. he be aight though, u know dead rappers get better promotion-jadakiss