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Topic subjectwhy don't retype this up in microsoft word...
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15619, why don't retype this up in microsoft word...
Posted by morpheme, Fri Jun-29-01 10:02 AM
& holla back
because sumthin is definitely lost in ur gotdamned translation

i don't give a fuck if it were kelis or not
i don't give a fuck about who U may be fuckin wit bkyle
i truly don't
because frankly where u see me as hatin...i saw u as salivatin
did u see my response to any shit posted about u & kelis???
no because there was none
i think u have me confused w/those noted in ur inbox

i wanted to know the validity of her particular inclusion in/on okayplayer...so i asked...u can't deal w/the expletives...LEARN

& are u goin to go on the recorda as say that in NO WAY do record companies {re}imburse this site for artists {that u approve of...u bein the site collectively} that u all put on???

are u???

because I WANNA KNOW

o...& the issue about feelin used???
i'm not concern'd
because my support of this site doesn't go beyond my postin
i don't hold words of ppl w/okaysymbols as gospel
i am not a walkin advertisement
i participate as i am able ON-LINE

perhaps should i bounce...it'd be out west...i hear california's LOVELY this time of year

now answer the question


this young lady i'm on the phone with...
her writin...
she writes words that'll bring tears to ur eye