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15614, somebody = dafriquan
Posted by dafriquan, Fri Jun-29-01 09:20 AM
> Somebody cried about Spooks and
>Avant not being OKAYesque enough
>to be "featured"... It's better
>than slapping ya face on
>the Boadrs with banner ads
>to make money.
perhaps you didn't read where I mentioned that I know that it was all for the cash(c)guru..and that I'd do "shadier" things if it was up to me. i didn't say shit about them not being "Okayesque"...i had just had a different idea of what Featured artists was "supposed" to represent..take a look at the archived feautured artists. the first featured artist had no deal and barely a demo with her name on it. if designing websites is where the money is at then why does that site have to become featured...i never heard of an "artist" called romeo must die ;-)
design the site. save the featured for something else. the real advantage to being featured is HITS!
just had to clear that up...seeing as i am the 'somebody' you referred to.
The whole Kelis thing though...sisters just can't stand each other :-) it's a proven fact...nothing to get worked up about.
p.s. when we had ads, most of us had no problems with it...but i manage websites and i know that ad clicks make peanuts...most people just don't click 'em.

"I'm not looking...forward to seeing
him"- Snoop on Suge's release.
understatement of the year :-)
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