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Topic subject...ALLOW ME...
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15613, ...ALLOW ME...
Posted by BKyle, Fri Jun-29-01 09:00 AM
I wanna hear how... no, I DON'T wanna hear how you feel about okayplayers are being used. I just KNOW it for ANY financial gain. OKP, the site, is funded by designing sites for other companies. OKP's used?! If you think that Case's people hired us cause he gives a f*ck about our News Page, if u think the Angie Martinez crew came cause they cared about page hits, if you think Beenie Man came to us cause he embraces the boards, Lil Mo came through cause she dug the OKP tour, Musiq gotta site cause somebody made a 'nice' post about him... than you are an idiot. They come to us because they see the work the design crew OF TWO has done. THAT work goes out uncredited. OKP is established to act as a platform for supporters of like-minded artists to share ideas and get information. We need money in order to HAVE the site. Trust me. No money, no site.

Think about this. What gives ANYBODY the idea... JUST THE IDEA, that Pharoahe Monch is JOINING OKP. Why? Quiet as kept... you look for HIS site to come, right... but ya never wonder why we never mention him. BUT JAG gets mentioned all the time... and she doesn't even have an album on the market yet. She's more direct fam than he may be, but, your lookin for a SITE for HIM. AND U wanna talk about WHO I'M to talk or NOT talk about in the news page? Check yaself.

Somebody cried about Spooks and Avant not being OKAYesque enough to be "featured"... It's better than slapping ya face on the Boadrs with banner ads to make money. We care too much to have to go there. Go ANYWHERE ELSE in hip hop and you'll see ads all in ya eff'n grill. (NOT US!) Like ?uest said, "Feel used, Bounce!" I wouldn't wanna be someplace I feel used.

About Mentioning other artists... OKP or otherwise. There are SEVERAL times when NON type artists get love here. WHY NOT? You mean your scope is so, or, THAT narrow that it enables you to appreciate the culture the site is supported by. THAT is sad. That goes for the different types of featured artists as well. Lighten up.

In the update, Kelis, Bahamadia, Lil Mo... we I.D'd as EXTENDED FAMILY... and EACH lady in the pic also got love. U pick the Kelis issue to go 'Trippin with'. U hatin'?!? No sooner does the post of us dating pop-up, you get on some shit. I know people are playin, so let's continue to have a good time on the site, man. Damn.

We are REALLY hustlin behind the scenes to keep the site dope... AND to keep the site AVAILABLE. We are workin with the talents that we've got to broaden OKP to handle other forms of multimedia... including video production. (Lemme tell ya now, so when videos that OKP has produced, that are NON-OKP'esque', you won't trip, but look at it like, "MAN, I'm so proud of OKP tryin to git busy")

Glad that I was able to share.