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Topic subjectBaithiclee n/m
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15608, Baithiclee n/m
Posted by Wise_Is_The_Name, Fri Jun-29-01 05:40 AM
WeezFace Killah:

Ay yo, I saw the God with his kids sun, holding tomatoes/Fresh Nike Air-Force 1's with the play dough/I asked him slow "you seen Lakim at the jungle gym?"/He said that the Feds came by and bully blasted him/It hurt, Lord, I need a new pair of Wally color cremes/Same kid who came by in the whip blasting Billy Jean/He's a traitor, duke think he nice with the razor/I hit him with the hidden ox, stunning like a phaser/Great dick from Africa, I scare elephants/Most crab niggas in the Bing is irrelevant/It's the God, all praise due to my shit/Wildflower bitches be the first to taste my glass dick