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15607, negro
Posted by fire, Fri Jun-29-01 02:43 AM
"Yesterday's pic convinced me to have today be dedicated to the lovely ladies of OKP and extended family. Bahamadia, who's working on her next album, begins her Tree of Life tour (w/ Slum Village) from the 28th to Aug. 7th. That will be followed by a Drum & Bass tour w/ Africa Bambatta (The angel on the far right in white is part of Dia's camp). Kelis (even the name looks good written), not pictured, is all preped and ready for week one of the Area: one tour. I tried calling her, but that cell phone must me 'dogged'. I'm feelin her hook on the Busta new jawn, "B.Kyle, what it is right now!?" (A man can dream) OKPLuv goes out to Lil Mo and all 27 of her stiches. I hope you feel better, boo. When u cry, I cry. Keep singin', and I'm glad they didn't hit you in the mouth. (What the hell are DSL's anyway?!) "


"i wish music could adopt me" - the e double

"pulp fiction? this forum must be dumb nigger storage." - mcbadfeet on niggas

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