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Topic subjectit ain't a case if kiera is feelin used...
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15604, it ain't a case if kiera is feelin used...
Posted by morpheme, Fri Jun-29-01 05:42 AM
cuz overall okayplayers as a whole are "used" or have been
i realize that
i'm not here for "the music maaaan"

>then u don't have to come

yeah...me & jill

>but as long as i'm signin'
>checks and shit....

u ain't signin no checks of MINE...& nor do u sign any checks that eradicate my opinion

>where were u when i announced
>that kelis is an honorary
>root for a few weeks
>when we do this tour?

apparantly i didn't delve into obscurity or do a 'qoolquest' name search...if she's an honorary root for the week then fine...that's what i asked to know

>funny but no one else has
>a problem with it.

so that should make it non-issue for me???
"so if all ur friends jumped off a bridge..."

>are u about to post who
>can join my band or

u have a band???


this young lady i'm on the phone with...
her writin...
she writes words that'll bring tears to ur eye