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Topic subjectwell if u feel used.....
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15603, well if u feel used.....
Posted by qoolquest, Thu Jun-28-01 09:42 PM
then u don't have to come here.
but as long as i'm signin' checks and shit....

where were u when i announced that kelis is an honorary root for a few weeks when we do this tour?

funny but no one else has a problem with it.

are u about to post who can join my band or not?

celeb quotes i heard in my lifetime

"look ma! i'm making shit with dre!!!!!"
-timberland to his boys in VA bout his partnership with scott storch

"i can take him out easily"
-michael jackson ribbing prince to eddie murphy while taking a break on the ill fated "whuzzzup wit you" video outakes

-iverson to bryant. game two of nba finals

"pleee don' le' her fa'her be 'round if i see 'er"
-big boi on his (and everyones) arch nemesis matthew knowles.

"what y'all got a demo or somethin'?" kool g rap to his pupil black thought

"so uh...how does it feel?!?!?!"
-prince to d' while visiting uptown

"the nigga was wearin wing tips straight outta detroit"
-quincy jones about peepin pope john paul the 2nd gear in rome

"you know bootsey......i don't think that note is on here"
-james brown holding surrogate son bootsey collin's fender bass searching for a note for his future number one hit "suoerbad".

"pete rock? what they a rock group?
-marshall jones, key figure in east coast hip hop bass sampling (see "lots of lovin'" "number one soul brother" "what's the 411" "give it up" "one" "stay tuned" "dayz of the past" and member of the mighty ohio players to a puzzled me.