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Topic subjectinteresting point, however.......
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15599, interesting point, however.......
Posted by Salamanderiel, Thu Jun-28-01 07:20 PM
i feel your point, but it seems like OKP is trying to do something here.....i believe it's called "networking". i understand about how one can feel left out though, because i am NOWHERE remotely near the east coast, so going to your average dilated peoples concert or the black lily show in philly is damn near out of the question for me. however i can come thru here on the site and be informed as to the success of such events. and there may be events in my area (i live in the South, so i doubt this'll happen, but oh well) that i may be exposed to that most other OKP's never have even heard of, but i get to speak on in the forum should the need arise. "news" is a general term where people can communicate generally in whatever form they deem fit, and can determine what's "newsworthy" however much you may feel excluded...maybe a section of the site that's devoted to regional news might be a successful venture (i'm sure west coast cats weren't too happy about some of the comments made up here during the finals!! dilated's staff got revenge, fo'sho'). y'all be cool and let hiphop be hiphop.......WHERE'S THE LOVE, MAN?