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Posted by morpheme, Thu Jun-28-01 05:37 PM
da hell is up???

be like big daddy & talk calm & plain to a sister

HOW are ppl selected to be okayartists???

over the course of the year + that i've been postin on okayplayer
it's gone frum the core of the roots/d'angelo/the jazzys
actually...i'm not certain WHO the roots were beyond the roots themselves
but i like to see fam connect w/fame {not a type-o} no doubt

but what the fuck is goin on???
i feel as tho...the sensibilities of the okayplayers who log-in are bein taken advantage of

it's almost as if certain artists are bein thrown into the soul fracas & we're supposed to go "YAAAAAAAAY!!!"
& for what good reason???

okayplayer.com has seen a HELLUVA lot of support frum ppl of the site & of the music...but what's up w/this kelis shit???...what does she have to do w/okayplayer???...she's touted on the news page {where shit CAN be expected to be news-WORTHY}...but does she have any mettle to okayplayer itself???...everythin is 'hint this'...'alludin to that'...stop doin that shit

i know ppl are gettin HELLIFIED money or promise thereof...perks free promo by okayplayers...by havin their artists associated w/this site...who street teams words of mouth like an okayplayer???...ASK HIDDEN BEACH {whether or not they commission'd as much is beyond the point}

stop usin okayplayers

who u all hang with is not "fam" to the ppl of the site

can the ppl who log onto this site still look to the purveyors of it to introduce us to ppl of artistic merit & not simply those who hang out...hitch their mules to risin wagons...or so happen to share line-ups not MCA or okayplayer derived???

u think i don't believe some of these muthafuckas out here know of the might of a site such as this before they start droppin nickels into the phone & requestin lunch dates or ordin up okayplayer tees & shit???

yeah...ppl of this site may very well know A WHOLE LOT OF PPL frum way back when...but what relevance do they have to the site TODAY???...information...an expoundin...i'd appreciate it

i'm tired of the news page lookin like a who's who or a society column...i look for the artists who make it to the news page to have some relevance to the roots or the soulquarians or SUMTHIN

this is a big site

we know y'all know stars

what that got to do w/us tho???