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15574, not in this case
Posted by gravity508, Sat Jul-14-01 06:06 PM
Pussy galore is what is used to sale EVERYTHING...from beer to chicken

some white girl at the area One show after Outkast's set

wg: we dont need men
me: (puzzled) huh?
wg: we dont need men
wg: all we need is outkast.
me: (confused)because i thought outkast were men (i said that to myself)
wg: give me a hug (she says this while holding my arms)
me: ....(let me give this girl a hug because i have to go to the bathroom, and the quicker i get rid of her the faster i can go).....gave her hug.
wg: (kissed me on my neck) you have a beautiful spirit.
me:.....ummm uh thanks?!?! (then i broke out, and washed my neck)

Kids DONT do drugs or you'll end up like this