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Topic subjectRE: I heard it last night
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15569, RE: I heard it last night
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-11-01 06:04 AM
Did y'all really hear it?! I think the only thing y'all heard was the word pussy . I noticed the girls around me stopped dancin' and was like "what", but you really got to listen to what Thought was sayin'. The song isn't so much about the want/need for the female genatalia as it was about mass media and corporate americas use of it. Sex appeal in music,videos, commercials, clothin', just everything bein'about sex mentality which has gone way over the top if you ask me in the last few yrs. Shit is whack and Thought was addressin' that in his song.
Pootbutts,:Pdid y'all really beleive the Roots would make a song degrading women? And crack? What y'all smokin' on?