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Topic subjectdon't know if anyone cares but.........
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15561, don't know if anyone cares but.........
Posted by disorganized, Mon Jul-09-01 05:52 PM
for the young'uns that don't know, pussy galore was Goldfinger's pilot in....Goldfinger! ha!

bond flick. bond chick.

in another movie they also had a bond girl names Holly Goodhead.

get it?? get it???

what this has to do with anything? i have no idea, but i feel it's my duty to make empty replies for okp's to skim over at their leisure. it's not unlike eating those hostess snoball cakes with the pink marshmallow/coconut crap on the outside, followed by a dipsy doodle chaser.

bodega goodness at its best.

i hear martha stewart keeps snoballs in her bag, then at dinner parties goes to the ladies room and scarfs like, i dunno 10 of 'em down, (with both hands), so she won't eat off everyone's plate, fingers all in everyones fries and sh**. i hate that.

and she be swinin' btw. pig every night of the week.

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