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Topic subjectwell if y'all must know
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15549, well if y'all must know
Posted by qoolquest, Wed Jul-11-01 04:37 PM
that tells me then and there that there are people in this world that don't listen.

the same people that think we are a socially conscience group.

if he is indeed "disgusted" by the song. then he really didn't listen to it.

did he get disgusted when he heard mos' "mr nigga"?

pussy galore is a commentary about how sex is used to sell products.

damn. this nigga gives y'all what y'all asked for (a non battle track) and mofo's still bitching.

shit is tight to me.



(greek phren-, phren)

first appeared 1805

the study of the conformation of the skull
based on the belief that it is indicative of
mental faculties and character