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Topic subjectDialated vs. Blackalicious
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15521, Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by label_guy, Thu Jul-19-01 05:12 PM
It ain't really a "vs.", I just know okayplayers love that "vs." sh*t.

FYI, the groups have a heater together called "Passion" which will be a white label Blackalicious single shipping initially only to college radio on Aug. 20. Fat Beats will probably distribute it and the 12" will be in stores mid-Sept.
They are also touring together this fall and I believe have a Sept. date at Irving Plaza in NYC.

Blackalicious also have a heater called "Nowhere Fast" produced by the incomparable ?uestlove.
Hi-tek also just knocked out a track with his girl Jonell on the hook. The Jazzies & Jag are also on separate tracks for the album.
The Blackalicious album "Blazing Arrows" will be in stores January 2002.
They aren't official okayartists right now but its in this particular post cuz its pertains to okaybidness.

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