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Topic subjectDialated vs. Blackalicious
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15521, Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by label_guy, Thu Jul-19-01 05:12 PM
It ain't really a "vs.", I just know okayplayers love that "vs." sh*t.

FYI, the groups have a heater together called "Passion" which will be a white label Blackalicious single shipping initially only to college radio on Aug. 20. Fat Beats will probably distribute it and the 12" will be in stores mid-Sept.
They are also touring together this fall and I believe have a Sept. date at Irving Plaza in NYC.

Blackalicious also have a heater called "Nowhere Fast" produced by the incomparable ?uestlove.
Hi-tek also just knocked out a track with his girl Jonell on the hook. The Jazzies & Jag are also on separate tracks for the album.
The Blackalicious album "Blazing Arrows" will be in stores January 2002.
They aren't official okayartists right now but its in this particular post cuz its pertains to okaybidness.

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15522, Did someone say TOUR!!
Posted by Brandard, Thu Jul-19-01 05:17 PM
oh hell yeah, as soon as those Irving tickets are on sale i'm there

album sounds tight, i was just bumping Nia today after i read about the "Passion" single.

looking good, looking very good

p.s. i'm very interested in that Jag track
15523, Blackalicious by FAR n/m
Posted by t510, Thu Jul-19-01 05:31 PM
my veins are centuries meeting-gayl jones
15524, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-19-01 05:44 PM

Win R Da R0ots N c0mman dropin'?

they just hiring anyone at the labels these days =/
NOTE: I don't blame you cats for being wack, I blame the education system!

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15525, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by label_guy, Fri Jul-20-01 05:12 AM
>they just hiring anyone at the
>labels these days =/

that's some funny sh*t.....I like sh*t like that!

"I can't believe that I just walked in off the street and they gave me a job!"
15526, oh my damn!!!!
Posted by the_fifth, Thu Jul-19-01 05:52 PM
do i get any royalties seeing as how ?uest first heard blackalicious in my car? huh do i? and i gave him my damn CD, been repaid ten fold but still!!

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15527, I feel you on that Vic...n/m
Posted by Apostle, Thu Jul-19-01 09:17 PM
peace, Apostle Jahbryll

5 Deadly Venom Spitters - No One is Safe
Just shut the fuck up and take it!


Copy and paste the link, that's the only way it works for some reason.


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15528, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by emeyesi, Thu Jul-19-01 08:52 PM
Word? I'm so glad MCA is going all out for them just like they did for Dice riggedy-Raw!

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15529, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by label_guy, Fri Jul-20-01 05:17 AM
>Word? I'm so glad MCA is
>going all out for them
>just like they did for
>Dice riggedy-Raw!
Cool, in fact they are just changing Dice's name to Blackalicious in the ol' marketing plan so you should be able to sleep good tonight.


15530, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by Eli_B, Thu Jul-19-01 09:22 PM
If we're comparing Blackalicious' "Nia" to Dilated's "The Platform," it's no contest, Nia wins hands down. That album is pretty dope, and is very, VERY underrated in my opinion. The Platform has its moments, but it wasn't what I expected. I thought it woulda been better.
15531, Blackalicious
Posted by Roi Boi, Fri Jul-20-01 05:15 AM
15532, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-20-01 05:23 AM
i agree....and gift of gab lays it down nicely on a regular basis
15533, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by handle, Fri Jul-20-01 06:03 AM
Who do I have to sleep with to get on the DAMN PROMO LISTS already? :)

I mean, I got all the commerically available stuff.

I push this stuff down people's throats.

I got all the origianl, unedited WKRP video cassettes.

What more can I do???

-Tom Hayes
15534, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by label_guy, Fri Jul-20-01 08:12 AM
>I got all the origianl, unedited
>WKRP video cassettes.
You got the "Venus Flytrap Break Down The Atom" episode?

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15535, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by handle, Fri Jul-20-01 08:22 AM
No, but I'm sure I can get a copy at the Comic COn this year. Wanna trade? :)

15536, RE: Dialated vs. Blackalicious
Posted by handle, Fri Jul-20-01 08:37 AM
"Venus and the Man"
gs: Keny Long , Veronica Redd
The station's cleaning woman asks Venus to convince her big, tough teenage son not to drop out of school.

b: 31 Jan 81 pc: 060 w: Hugh Wilson d: Rod Daniel

NOTE: This episode contains the famous scene where Venus explains the structure of the atom in two minutes.

A few places you might be able to get it: