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Topic subjectRE: Common revolutionary? Yup
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15422, RE: Common revolutionary? Yup
Posted by GOD, Sat Jul-28-01 11:49 AM
I am quite possibly the world's biggest common fan but what has he ever done to make him revolution. He critique's consumerism and goes to cuba but he appears in Reebok ads. Wearing Ché t-shirts and pumping black fists is not revolutionary. Being an ative homophobic (he frequently uses the word faggot to refer to homosexuals and to other people he deems unfavorable) and spouting misogonistic lyrics (calling women bitches)does not lend oneself to the revolutionary ideals of people like ernesto guevara, whose image he wears on his chest.
Allow me to reiterate: He is my favorite rapper. But a revolutionary he isn't.