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Topic subjectRE: Common revolutionary? Yup
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15421, RE: Common revolutionary? Yup
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-25-01 11:08 AM
Anybody who stands for free expression for Black people is revolutionary to me.

"If your man is cuter than me then why you fucking with me!!!!" (Me to some Jawn)

Shit that I'm listening to:

1)Erasure: The Innocents
2)Blur: Blur
3)Galaxie 500: On Fire
4)The Cure: Galore The Singles
5)David Bowie: Low
6)Big Youth Box Set
7)Various: Paris is Sleeping Respect is Burning vol.2
8)Ken Ishii: X-Mix
9)Sonic Youth: Sister
10)My Homemade Radio Mix Tape featuring:
Echo and The Bunnymen, Herbie Hancock, GayDad, The Rentals, Weezer etc.

Top ten Genres that the "Cool People" in your school will laugh at you for not knowing about as well as the responses that you are liable to hear when disscussing them.

1)Brit-Pop: "Yeah they pretty much sound the same"
2)Detroit Techno: "Yeah they were Black shocked me too!!!!"
3)Neo-Soul: "I guess it is time for me to grow dreads!"
4)Dub: "No not Bob Marley"
5)Indie Rock: "Well Grunge was sorta like the mommy and Sub-pop and SST were the stork"
6)Underground Hip Hop: "I don't usually like Rap but..."
7)Two-Step: "God England is soooo cool!"
8)Nu-Metal: "Don't worry it'll be over soon"
9)European Free Jazz: "Sure it's cool I read this interview with Thurston Moore..."
10)Shoegazing: "Just remember the term 'etheral melodies' "

And now a word from Cam'ron:
"I'm in the whip,pedal smashing it Mase went to church settled down imagine it who me? Devil's advocate!"