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Topic subjectRE: Common revolutionary?
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15416, RE: Common revolutionary?
Posted by Federisco, Wed Jul-25-01 05:00 AM
Ahhhh you answered even better than i hoped for! I had dead prez on my mind when i posted the thread. But i also had my mind fixed on that a revolutionary should be able to tell his message to a greater crowd than his home crowd. Dead prez can't do that, they wouldnt do it as well in stockholm as they do in philly. (Sweedish hiphoppers would be off the hook, but dead prez' message is more for the african american, not for the african sweede or the sweede.)

Common is far better than most overground rappers in USA because his message is better, yep? But the revolutionary that i thought about would be both activist and global --- what are the chances for a person to be both that, and do it well?! (plus would we need one having both things anyways..) Common and Dead Prez got one of those two sides but not both: dead prez are more active than global and Common is more global than active (i have a feeling he pretends to be more activist than he is... that mofo!!!)

Hehe i start not liking the man more and more..... he had me fooled there. But it was good job of him with the che guevarra shirt and the hard look and raised fist, he made the show good.

>The dude likes revolution as
>much as he likes sex.



>Actually, whenever he likes anything,
>he relates it to his
>basic need for procreation. And when
>he doesn't, he relates it to