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Topic subjectRE: Common revolutionary?
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15415, RE: Common revolutionary?
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-25-01 04:28 AM
I think I don't like Norwegians... I'm in Sweden. And I'm just kiddin', don't take offence.

I think that Common is reactionary rather than revolutionary. His lyrics tread a fine line between classic braggadocio hip-hop and judgment on the state of the art in its current form, and comment on the social circumstances of the black american population. common is an artist first, an activist second. You should listen to Dead Prez. Their album, on the other hand, is not really a work of music, it's a manifesto detailing a way to live life. Those guys are - I would say - revolutionary, though one is not necessarily any better than the other, just different approaches to solve the same problem. Bear in mind that these are all only opinions.

The thing about staying up in the pussy, is classic Com. The dude likes revolution as much as he likes sex. Actually, whenever he likes anything, he relates it to his basic need for procreation. Word, just listen to the whole of "Thelonius". And when he doesn't, he relates it to homosexuals, the now classic example being the line in "Dooinnit" where he says "in a circle of faggots, your name is mentiones".
Like it or not, one has to respect the fact that the guy says what he thinks.