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14184, see this right here...
Posted by Hot_Damali, Mon Oct-29-01 05:34 AM
i guess
>i spoil cats round here
>a lil too much, so
>i definately slowed down the
>whole santa quest shtick of

...makes me sad. because those of us who were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your generosity aren't the ones who do all the complaining. So it ends up that the grateful and appreciative just chill, while the ungrateful haters run their mouths, thereby spoiling it for the rest of us. That sucks

But at the same time, i completely understand how you can end up feeling this way...you give and give and folks still wanna pop off with "oh ok ?uest is cool but hey we want more!"...i just hope that you don't stop coming around here just cuz some children don't know how to just be happy with what they have.