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Topic subjectCom owes Incog a battle...
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14183, Com owes Incog a battle...
Posted by poetx, Fri Oct-26-01 08:26 AM
(way back in the day, we had a tourney in freestyle and the prize was sposed to be a battle w/ com. angieee had set it up so that the winner could battle com. incogx won (i took 2nd, and demand a recount, al gore style), but the battle never happened. LWFC had just dropped and brotha com got hella busy.

but that was mad different from a knucklehead posting a demand for a battle on gp, and expecting anything but hearty laughter. y'all cats got to be out of your mind to think that the artists are at your beck and call like that. i appreciate ?uest's frequent input, but damn, some of the peeps up in here make non-famous okps wanna just lurk.

plus, from a human perspective, there's something to be said for anonymity. but would you post if you were, say, Macy Gray, and muhf*ckas on here was sayin she was a bigfoot, and a buncha other ish that went way beyond "fan interaction" and got into some personal attack and ridicule territory?

how would any of you handle that. by the way, that 'z' dude is pure gobbage as we used to say back in the day. the WORST emcee that i've ever seen on the freestyle would crush that duck.

peace & blessings,


January is Kool Keith quote month, for lack of anything else:

"I never hearda you stupid, what's your name man??"

"Rappers don't know, I'm out the hospital/
cold buggin' and illin' like Dr. Doolittle"

"I'll chew your ass like monkeys on Wild Kingdom"

"you call yourself GOD, can you make it rain?/
can you tell me now what I'm thinkin' in my brain?"

"under your arms, you're kickin power and musty"

"word to mom, I'm in my own world.../
galaxy raaaaaays... powerful"