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14182, RE: well as far as i'm concerned.......
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Oct-25-01 06:24 AM
~daps~ to you for staying in touch w/ you fan base and making regular appearances on the board ?uest...that's tremendous and i have nothing but positive things to say about that...

however, i agree w/ this post...artists shouldn't hide behind their fame as a means to avoid battles...and many do, let's be honest...w/ as much as SOME mc's go on about how heads best not step to them in battles, i rarely see any of them back up their constant battle cries...

not that Z deserves attention, but, i would like to see more okayartists on these boards...i'm not even sure if half of the artists read the message boards...but that's pure speculation...

nothin' wrong w/ setting clowns straight in battles...after all, that's the essence of one aspect of mc'ing...

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Imperial storms
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cause when this spherical's torn
all u can say is 'c'mon dawg'
ya polluted rise cut short like city smog....


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