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Topic subjectwell as far as i'm concerned.......
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14179, well as far as i'm concerned.......
Posted by qoolquest, Wed Oct-24-01 10:31 PM
i'm one in a scillion.

it's hard enough getting messages from an artist in the first place.

and if u do, it's once every 3 weeks (see chuck d's site) or some cryptic ass line (see prince).

so as far as i know, i'm a rareity. i go to many an artist site. and i no nan of them letting anyone even 10 feet within the velvet rope. sometimes privacy is all an artist has. so you need to respect the right to privacy. and riq and rash are private people. i guess i spoil cats round here a lil too much, so i definately slowed down the whole santa quest shtick of old. so don't expect everyone who has a site here to be at your beck and call just because i am.

ill shit quotes said to questlove.

"of course that motherfucker ain't going to war.....he can't fit the fucking helmet over his head"
-mos def on why i told ed gordon why i won't fight for my country.

Q: you two ever say more than hi?
T: oh, i asked him what time he needed the band back & I also asked him if we were going to dinner with the band after the wasted 9 hour rehearsal day
Q: those 3 questions? damn...d must be the consumate artist than. at least he socializes with us small folk.
T: he's a separatist. NO ONE likes him
T: it's crazy
Q: so when he walks into the room does it get silenced?
T: yup
T: think Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker. This is what happens on the radio when he comes in
T: ""He's 10 min away..
he's at the traffic light
hes backing in.....
make sure (cenosred) isn't in the walk way....
He's in the drive way
T: "He's coming thru....
I got shot by an officer ..
I'm hopping in...
I'm here...
I love uuuuuuuuu
Q: for real?
Q: make sure he dosn't see (censored)?
T: for real
T: oh yeah..."because he'd be hot" He didn't even speak. he has no meet & greets
Q: oh lawd...i heard he made (censored and censored)do the same shit....funny when y'all go to richmond make sure you know who is watchng him
Q: hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
T: he may cry
Q: lol!!!!!!!!! i got a new sig....
T: no (censored and censored) stood on the side of the stage intimidating him...he's precious you know
Q: hey....you heard denzel
Q: a wolf or a sheep?
T: oh, please sheep

my convo with T about life on the road with the big M.