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Topic subjectreally ?
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14178, really ?
Posted by krewcial, Wed Oct-24-01 10:06 PM
Did you actually check dude's audio ?

Now, if someone with at least a minimum amount of skills would challenge Com/Thought/Kwali, that would be something else.

But to expect okayartists to respond to every single amateur with an mp3 online ... suppose they do : next thing you know, EVERY wannabe emcee posts his/her audio here, claiming "Com battled that unknown guy, why won't he battle me ?"

Okayartists not reacting to this "challenge" is the best possible reaction.

And about other okayplayers (including me) ridiculising him : if you're man enough to brag about your stuff ONLINE, you should be man enough to take the disses. If not, you shouldn't be an emcee in the first place. And in this specific case, there's a huge discrepancy (sp?) between his talking and his action.