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14177, tell me
Posted by jeraldao, Wed Oct-24-01 03:16 PM
i don't visit too much artists sites except okayplayer. i go to bilal the man (he posted maybe 2 times) and that badu site (she queen-ly let messages off-board, love her tho). (humm... bashir shakur.org is a site made by a fan, not the official site? no me'shell still... HEY GIRL WHEN R U GONNA B AN OKAYARTIST?) but do outkast, jay-z, lauryn, mary j, mos, snoop, busta post on the boards of their sites? tell me. as far as i am concerned having ahmir replying is already a lot. i don't think beyonce would care about me if i asked her anything.

lil diff thing see... who's an okayplayer:


to finish, since we're talkin bout discussin wit okayartists: ?uest 2 things
1- can't i get a lil vernon reid on the next roots lp?
2- can u add some to that:
"Yeah, I am hard to work with in the capacity of, ĎYouíre getting fucked.í What are you supposed to do? Itís a hostile environment. I canít be friendly in a hostile environment." (rich nichols in citypaper)

"now let a motherfucka try to get booked twice a week" (rich nichols in the $ource)