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14160, bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Posted by Brandard, Wed Oct-24-01 11:31 AM

oh but no i totally agree, the music alone shouldnt be enough to get me to buy common's album, i think he should personally battle me, you and all the other people that log onto this site.

but i dont think thats enough.

i think that common should also bake me a rasberry tart or a fresh apple pie(depending on the season) and then the jazzfatnastees should deliver it to my door wearing only an okp bandana over each booby. then they should feed it to me as i lounge in my mom's basement posting about how only now do i respect common, but how d'angelo is a dick because he shipped his scones instead of brining them to me personally.

maybe we should start a petition or something.