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Topic subjectis OKAY, O.K.? ((read))
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14159, is OKAY, O.K.? ((read))
Posted by 3rd, Wed Oct-24-01 11:24 AM
i ask this question after reading most of the posts up in here...the artists here should interact with us more...let's take the "lyricist z post" for example...i mean--think about it...none of the ok artists but quest replied or acknowledged this guy's challenge...why?...you're never to big for a challenge...z is not the bad guy here...a battle to z, like with many others--including self, is a way for the okay artists to earn z, my, or others' respect...most artists--not calling names--use their lil fame as an excuse not to battle...and to be truthful, most of the okay artists make battle statements more times than once--like a million times...after all, hip hop started from battles...step to z...if you crush him, then fine....but don't ignore him...and okayplayers, don't stone him...let common talib and thought defend themselves....i've seen a talib post in here once--common never---thought never...quest love is the only artist that interacts with us (civilians)...why?

dat and
da 3rd
14160, bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Posted by Brandard, Wed Oct-24-01 11:31 AM

oh but no i totally agree, the music alone shouldnt be enough to get me to buy common's album, i think he should personally battle me, you and all the other people that log onto this site.

but i dont think thats enough.

i think that common should also bake me a rasberry tart or a fresh apple pie(depending on the season) and then the jazzfatnastees should deliver it to my door wearing only an okp bandana over each booby. then they should feed it to me as i lounge in my mom's basement posting about how only now do i respect common, but how d'angelo is a dick because he shipped his scones instead of brining them to me personally.

maybe we should start a petition or something.
14161, "the food network"...
Posted by 3rd, Wed Oct-24-01 11:35 AM
that could be the title of the okayplayer comp. album...lol...in other words you're saying, if the can't take the heat...get outta kitchen....

14162, cosign
Posted by AZ, Wed Oct-24-01 11:38 AM
>how d'angelo is a dick
>because he shipped his scones
>instead of brining them to
>me personally.

he did the same to me, and he didn't even ship next day air! stuck up artists...


"we Jews control the US" - Ariel Sharon

They say "We'll kill them off, take their land and go there for vaction."' - Zach de la Rocha

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Holy Quran, Chapter 4: Verse 135

14163, RE: bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Posted by guest, Fri Oct-26-01 08:41 AM
Thats funny ish
14164, True indeed
Posted by queenisisdivine, Wed Oct-24-01 11:36 AM
While I think it would be an excellent idea for these okay artist to except z's challenge, it is solely up to them. I won't knock them if they chose not to. But I defiantly agree with the fact that the only okay artist that posts often is Quest. What's up with that? I wonder does Common or Talib etc even check out the boards at all. I'm guessing not cause a lot of the discussion revolves around them and I would think they would want to have some say so. So Quest get ya boyz! We really want to hear from them.
14165, yea quest...
Posted by 3rd, Wed Oct-24-01 11:38 AM
...lonnie and trotter in here...
14166, RE: True indeed
Posted by AZ, Wed Oct-24-01 11:42 AM
>While I think it would be
>an excellent idea for these
>okay artist to except z's

that is not a challenge. this is an internet message board. just because you can type out rhymes does not make you an emcee.


"we Jews control the US" - Ariel Sharon

They say "We'll kill them off, take their land and go there for vaction."' - Zach de la Rocha

"Oh You who believe ! Stand out firmly for Justice, as witnesses to God, even against yourself, against your children and against your parents. Against people who are rich or poor. Because God is the best of all Protectors. Do not follow your inclinations or desires lest you should deviate from justice. Verily God is well acquainted with all that you do."

Holy Quran, Chapter 4: Verse 135

14167, like todays NEWS PIC
Posted by BKyle, Wed Oct-24-01 12:06 PM

GIMMIE A (eff'n) BREAK ! ! !
14168, nell carter?
Posted by squeeg, Wed Oct-24-01 09:41 PM

14169, you'd be surprised ..
Posted by aoxomoxoa, Wed Oct-24-01 12:09 PM
the people that actually ready the okayplayer message boards.

they just don't post like ?uest does.
14170, not everyday, but once in a while...
Posted by Mindbender, Wed Oct-24-01 12:30 PM
...i do agree the Okaycats could emerge from the secretive lair where they ALL spend 3 years crafting each album they release... as the rest of the world PATIENTLY waits for a sign of connection to the masses... yeah ?uest is up in here, and maybe Com/Mos/Kweli (not Tariq, Mr. Redefine Introvert himself... i wouldnt expect him to do so) may not be computer guys like that, but ONCE in a blue/green moon they could reach out to us...

i make music (with the same spirit of "awareness" and innovation that Okaymusic has, for lack of you not knowing any of my songs) and I MAKE DAMN SURE that i connect to SOMEONE, ANYONE, at least once in a while, and give them something to remember...

i met Common 3 times in my life, and all 3 times, he was either emotionally neutral, or non-responsive. I still love the man, but it was not the best fan-to-artist meeting one could have imagined... (and for anyone dissing me and defending Common, see ?uest's post about Janet on the homepage. Unless the musician is OUT OF BREATH after a show or something, they should be able to share ONE OF THOSE BREATHS with someone who listens to that breath with personal devotion.)

and this has nothing to do with the Supreme Being Unit Episode with the stalker of the year... or was that Century? :) ...

?uest, wassup man, are you too... je ne sais quoi :)... to call yourself a "FAN" of Janet? The way you go on about her... cmon, fess up. its okay for you to be infatuated with someone... YOU'RE HUMAN TOO, JUST LIKE US! :) What makes your desire for Janet Jackson any different than mine for Mystic?
14171, they used to post
Posted by Dove, Wed Oct-24-01 01:00 PM
til cats got psycho on the boards
then started trippin at shows
then brought their lil issues about shows to the boards
then began personally attacking artists and/or posting personal business on the boards

a lot of artist lurk (not just Okay artists....) but they're not gonna let you know too much

a few bad apples spoiled the bunch
14172, exactly
Posted by krewcial, Wed Oct-24-01 09:55 PM

14173, dey do dat now...
Posted by 3rd, Thu Oct-25-01 02:38 AM
14174, gr8.....
Posted by 3rd, Thu Oct-25-01 02:28 AM
but we want interaction....
14175, It would be nice...
Posted by OKBrindavan, Wed Oct-24-01 01:23 PM
all these great musicians...all their knowledge...

i would love to read Common's, BT's, Hub's, Kamal's, D's
comments on different music genres...debate on who are the greatest mcz and hip hop, soul, rock, classical, funk (etc..) music contributions.

so much knowledge!!!
It's their website!!!!!! how come they don't use it????!!!

hopefully soon

Mirror mirror on the wall......JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMN I'M FINE!!! - will smith, fresh prince

If there is peace in the family, there is peace in the world - sai baba


14176, it's a fan's site
Posted by Abbstrack, Wed Oct-24-01 01:52 PM
while that would be dope i guess for some, to get input, and interact with their favorite artists, i dont think its owed to anybody...i enjoy the interaction i have amongst fellow okplayers myself...i dont know if i'd like to see more artists cuz it would probably lead to an increase in the d*ckriding variable as well

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Yours, Anne" - Anne Frank from "The Diary of Anne Frank"
14177, tell me
Posted by jeraldao, Wed Oct-24-01 03:16 PM
i don't visit too much artists sites except okayplayer. i go to bilal the man (he posted maybe 2 times) and that badu site (she queen-ly let messages off-board, love her tho). (humm... bashir shakur.org is a site made by a fan, not the official site? no me'shell still... HEY GIRL WHEN R U GONNA B AN OKAYARTIST?) but do outkast, jay-z, lauryn, mary j, mos, snoop, busta post on the boards of their sites? tell me. as far as i am concerned having ahmir replying is already a lot. i don't think beyonce would care about me if i asked her anything.

lil diff thing see... who's an okayplayer:


to finish, since we're talkin bout discussin wit okayartists: ?uest 2 things
1- can't i get a lil vernon reid on the next roots lp?
2- can u add some to that:
"Yeah, I am hard to work with in the capacity of, ĎYouíre getting fucked.í What are you supposed to do? Itís a hostile environment. I canít be friendly in a hostile environment." (rich nichols in citypaper)

"now let a motherfucka try to get booked twice a week" (rich nichols in the $ource)

14178, really ?
Posted by krewcial, Wed Oct-24-01 10:06 PM
Did you actually check dude's audio ?

Now, if someone with at least a minimum amount of skills would challenge Com/Thought/Kwali, that would be something else.

But to expect okayartists to respond to every single amateur with an mp3 online ... suppose they do : next thing you know, EVERY wannabe emcee posts his/her audio here, claiming "Com battled that unknown guy, why won't he battle me ?"

Okayartists not reacting to this "challenge" is the best possible reaction.

And about other okayplayers (including me) ridiculising him : if you're man enough to brag about your stuff ONLINE, you should be man enough to take the disses. If not, you shouldn't be an emcee in the first place. And in this specific case, there's a huge discrepancy (sp?) between his talking and his action.

14179, well as far as i'm concerned.......
Posted by qoolquest, Wed Oct-24-01 10:31 PM
i'm one in a scillion.

it's hard enough getting messages from an artist in the first place.

and if u do, it's once every 3 weeks (see chuck d's site) or some cryptic ass line (see prince).

so as far as i know, i'm a rareity. i go to many an artist site. and i no nan of them letting anyone even 10 feet within the velvet rope. sometimes privacy is all an artist has. so you need to respect the right to privacy. and riq and rash are private people. i guess i spoil cats round here a lil too much, so i definately slowed down the whole santa quest shtick of old. so don't expect everyone who has a site here to be at your beck and call just because i am.

ill shit quotes said to questlove.

"of course that motherfucker ain't going to war.....he can't fit the fucking helmet over his head"
-mos def on why i told ed gordon why i won't fight for my country.

Q: you two ever say more than hi?
T: oh, i asked him what time he needed the band back & I also asked him if we were going to dinner with the band after the wasted 9 hour rehearsal day
Q: those 3 questions? damn...d must be the consumate artist than. at least he socializes with us small folk.
T: he's a separatist. NO ONE likes him
T: it's crazy
Q: so when he walks into the room does it get silenced?
T: yup
T: think Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker. This is what happens on the radio when he comes in
T: ""He's 10 min away..
he's at the traffic light
hes backing in.....
make sure (cenosred) isn't in the walk way....
He's in the drive way
T: "He's coming thru....
I got shot by an officer ..
I'm hopping in...
I'm here...
I love uuuuuuuuu
Q: for real?
Q: make sure he dosn't see (censored)?
T: for real
T: oh yeah..."because he'd be hot" He didn't even speak. he has no meet & greets
Q: oh lawd...i heard he made (censored and censored)do the same shit....funny when y'all go to richmond make sure you know who is watchng him
Q: hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
T: he may cry
Q: lol!!!!!!!!! i got a new sig....
T: no (censored and censored) stood on the side of the stage intimidating him...he's precious you know
Q: hey....you heard denzel
Q: a wolf or a sheep?
T: oh, please sheep

my convo with T about life on the road with the big M.

14180, artist imput
Posted by rawbeats, Wed Oct-24-01 11:54 PM
I would imagine most, if not all, of the Okay artists check out the boards on a regular basis - they may not post; or if they do under an alias. But at least they are reading our comments, thoughts and views.

peace: rawbeats


14181, quest is qool...
Posted by 3rd, Thu Oct-25-01 02:35 AM
but if we could only have one of their words for every 50 of you words...the site would be a better place...and aye yo, you hit me with a stick too, joe....i owe you one...lol
14182, RE: well as far as i'm concerned.......
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Oct-25-01 06:24 AM
~daps~ to you for staying in touch w/ you fan base and making regular appearances on the board ?uest...that's tremendous and i have nothing but positive things to say about that...

however, i agree w/ this post...artists shouldn't hide behind their fame as a means to avoid battles...and many do, let's be honest...w/ as much as SOME mc's go on about how heads best not step to them in battles, i rarely see any of them back up their constant battle cries...

not that Z deserves attention, but, i would like to see more okayartists on these boards...i'm not even sure if half of the artists read the message boards...but that's pure speculation...

nothin' wrong w/ setting clowns straight in battles...after all, that's the essence of one aspect of mc'ing...

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14183, Com owes Incog a battle...
Posted by poetx, Fri Oct-26-01 08:26 AM
(way back in the day, we had a tourney in freestyle and the prize was sposed to be a battle w/ com. angieee had set it up so that the winner could battle com. incogx won (i took 2nd, and demand a recount, al gore style), but the battle never happened. LWFC had just dropped and brotha com got hella busy.

but that was mad different from a knucklehead posting a demand for a battle on gp, and expecting anything but hearty laughter. y'all cats got to be out of your mind to think that the artists are at your beck and call like that. i appreciate ?uest's frequent input, but damn, some of the peeps up in here make non-famous okps wanna just lurk.

plus, from a human perspective, there's something to be said for anonymity. but would you post if you were, say, Macy Gray, and muhf*ckas on here was sayin she was a bigfoot, and a buncha other ish that went way beyond "fan interaction" and got into some personal attack and ridicule territory?

how would any of you handle that. by the way, that 'z' dude is pure gobbage as we used to say back in the day. the WORST emcee that i've ever seen on the freestyle would crush that duck.

peace & blessings,


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14184, see this right here...
Posted by Hot_Damali, Mon Oct-29-01 05:34 AM
i guess
>i spoil cats round here
>a lil too much, so
>i definately slowed down the
>whole santa quest shtick of

...makes me sad. because those of us who were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your generosity aren't the ones who do all the complaining. So it ends up that the grateful and appreciative just chill, while the ungrateful haters run their mouths, thereby spoiling it for the rest of us. That sucks

But at the same time, i completely understand how you can end up feeling this way...you give and give and folks still wanna pop off with "oh ok ?uest is cool but hey we want more!"...i just hope that you don't stop coming around here just cuz some children don't know how to just be happy with what they have.

14185, They don't owe you SHIT
Posted by dba_BAD, Fri Oct-26-01 09:14 AM
Despite a long history of posting here on the boards, I'm still ssurprised at the audacity of posters. So because they created something that you happen to enjoy you deserve something out of them personally? What the fuck? Tariq and the fam should be able to move to Lithuania and never record a note again without hearing a peep out of us. They're just PEOPLE! We like their music, we buy it, we enjoy it, thay get paid. That's how it works. Sure it would be cool if they wanted to give us some love, but it's certainly not expected. Shit.

Puttin it down fo'
The City of Dope
The 'Town
The 'O
The O-A-K
14186, spoken like a true.....
Posted by 3rd, Mon Oct-29-01 04:22 AM
...ASS...this is a fan site....sure they could never record another note but then what?....you just needed a reason to use a curse word...lol...i did too...asshole!
14187, re
Posted by dba_BAD, Mon Oct-29-01 08:52 AM
All I'm sayin is don't make them larger than life. They just people. They should be able to do or not do whatever the fuck they like without catching critisism. Sure this is a fan site, and I fully support you runnin off at the mouth as much as as you like (I'll take the opportunity to do the same), but when you're sittin at home starin into your monitor and don't see Talib's reply to your post, don't be surprised.

Puttin it down fo'
The City of Dope
The 'Town
The 'O
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