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Topic subjectViolent Death at 8
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13941, Violent Death at 8
Posted by spirit, Sat Nov-17-01 03:40 PM
San Francisco CA (Reuters) - San Francisco homicide detectives are perplexed at the killing of Korean store owner Sar Casm in a seedy part of Chinatown. Casm owned a small shop which sold moon rocks and other assorted useless items, to the delight of neighborhood drug addicts.

"Apparently, someone came in and bludgeoned him with a hammer. A blunt hammer," said Detective Won Ho.

"Clearly, they were trying to nail home a point," noted Whoohah's partner, Wang Shu Aha.

Several witnesses admitted that they had seen nothing, and some neighbors confessed that they never knew Sar Casm at all.

"I rarely saw him around. Most folks didn't even realize he was there when he walked in a room. He was a quiet fellow," confessed I. Ron Knee, a longtime Chinatown resident.

Little laughter was heard at the wake for Casm. In the time after his passing, several conspiracy theorists have alleged that Korean government forces could have been behind his demise. Casm fled Korea in the late 60's to room with longtime pen pal Lenny Bruce.

"I don't think we'll ever find out who killed Sar Casm," lamented Detective Aha.


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