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Topic subjectRE: question or two...
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13933, RE: question or two...
Posted by Ape Redwood, Fri Nov-16-01 09:57 PM
>>Ive lost all faith in humanity
>>after reading this post.
>hehehe. What took you so long?
>And how did you type
>this with slit wrists? Teeth?
>Feet? Or do you have
>one of those talk type

I dictated it to your momma and she typed it for me.

>>When I piss I don't miss.
>This is good to know. Large
>toilet or good aim?

Dick control. In other words, when you open your mouth across the street, my piss will land directly in your mouth with no splash.

>wouldn't be squating, would you?

Only when I dangle my hairy teabags in your sister's mouth.

>Jimaveli: the sarcasm in this post
>has been appreciated...I know I'm

Appreciate this! *pisses on post*


When I piss I don't miss.