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13929, RE: Going Gold...
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Nov-16-01 08:15 PM
>didn't the Roots TFA and Common's
>LWFC both go gold? that
>would make them unreal hip
>hop according to your theory...wouldn't

Stop that! You are exposing the bias!

It is simple, damnit:

Good music never never sells (sorry Mos, that's twice)!

If it sells, it isn't good. Unless it is *insert any from a list of acts who are on good side of bias who 'deserve' to sell records*.

What's more, 99% of artists who sell records (where do they get the stats from?) in mass quantity aren't 'real'.

Almost forgot:

If you are not selling lots of records and you are on the good side of the bias, you are automatically 'doin it for da luv'.

Forget that you is on a major label and putting out videos and promoting albums. This too is purely 'for da luv'. You see, rappers don't have bills like us non-rappers. All the 'real' people let rappers stay with them as they go from town to town.

Jimaveli: looking at my lowly paycheck and realizing that I too must also be 'doin it for da luv'