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Topic subjectRE: R U Retarded?
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13899, RE: R U Retarded?
Posted by okayyac, Wed Nov-14-01 02:55 PM
>Real hip-hop consists of people like
>The Roots, Common and Black
>Star who have not gone
>gold. The Roots (All
>Things Fall Apart), Common (Like
>Water For Chocolate) and Black
>Star (not together but Mos
>Def's solo and the Reflection
>Eternal CD) have ALL gone
>gold!! WTF does it matter
>what they sell? It
>should be about what they're
>saying and if they stay
>true to the original hip-hop
>ethics while expanding the genre
>in a positive way, which
>all those groups do. So
>next time u make a
>dumb statement like that research
>what ur saying instead of
>giving out bullshit facts.

dude when u say something like that it doesnt show up well as satirical on the computer screen. i hope u were joking....


"A seeker after Truth must be so humble as to the dust under his feet could crush him"- Mohandas K. Gandhi

"If a man steps on my toes, I'll step on his"- El-Hajj Malik Shabazz

"Cuz we on the same frequency/if not change the dial get on it!" -Mos Def