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13846, mmmmmmmmmmm
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-13-01 05:43 PM
I don't quite know what to make of this. I guess we must be the only site that judges hip-hop and has dissed Nelly, huh?

Dying tickles-Ralph Wiggum

You can dream a little dream or you can
live a little dream. I'd rather live
it, cuz dreamers always chase but never
get it-Aesop rock

Anyone can flip shit kid, I stick the

Hey dad, heard ya cursing. Can I join
in? Crap, hell, crap!!-Bart simpson

Whats your favortie dish? Im not gonna
cook it but Ill order it from
Zanzabars!!-Jack Black

Chris-Dad whats the blow hole for?
Peter-Well Ill tell you what its not
for-its why im not allowed at sea
world anymore.