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Topic subjectNelly Disses Okayplayer!!!!!!!!!
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13845, Nelly Disses Okayplayer!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Mil, Tue Nov-13-01 05:36 PM
Here's the proof... its all in the pudding.

---And not concerned about that he say, she say, did he say
---what I think he said? Squash that, he probably got that off eBay
---Or some, Internet access some, website chat line
---Mad cause I got mine, don't wind up on the flat line

Well DUH this one's obvious... He's obviously upset about all the anti-Nelly posts that frequent okayplayers message boards...

---Aiyyo I'm tired of people judgin what's real Hip-Hop
---Half the time you be them niggaz who fuckin album flop

This is a direct swing at The Lesson... And of course then he slights the Roots by way of Questlove... Obviously because Quest STARTED the lesson so that we could all judge and teach others less knowledgeable about REAL hip-hop. Real hip-hop of course, consists solely of The Roots, Common, Black Star, and then anyone else who hasnt gone gold (these of course will no longer be "real" once they do).

"Midwest Swang":
---Dunkin without Sprite, yea you heard me dirty
---I'm from the Show-Me State, show me seven I'll show you eight

Now lets see... Show me 7... Show me 7... I guess that doesnt mean anything does it? Nah I mean... Black Thought, Questlove, Kamal, Leonard Hubbard, Malik B, Scratch, & Rahzel. That aint seven people. *rolls eyes*

Where does this guy get off? I mean who does he think he is badmouthing us like that? Kamal B.K.A. Malsy Fuckems? Hell nah we aint gonna stand for this garbage. He think this is a punk website full of overzealous, obsessive, know-nothings? He better think again. I may not be as perceptive as most of y'all and I mean I know Im probably late and all picking up on these things but I just thought I should let whatever small amount of people WERENT aware of this trespass know, and trust them to do whats right. Mainly whine and buy a new backpack.