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13811, hahaha
Posted by ILLWILL, Thu Nov-22-01 10:19 PM
yo man, i tried to get up with you yesterday, but your phone was buggin (*doo doo doooo!* all circuits are busy)...i ended up *sigh* going to class and buying Cappadonna's Iron Fist Pillage from Tower...how was it yessuhday?

My name is Will, and my anti-drug is ya mammy.

MC Eiht Appreciation Month and shit:

"gyeeeah" - MC Eiht, All For Tha Money

"gyeah" - MC Eiht, Def Wish 3

"gyeeeeeeeeeeah" - MC Eiht, Can I Still Kill It?

"gyeeeah" - MC Eiht, Straight Up Menace

"DJ Quik in a khaki bikini" - MC Eiht, Def Wish 3