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Topic subjectwhat is this crap I gotta register? Picturewire?
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13807, what is this crap I gotta register? Picturewire?
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Wed Nov-21-01 05:45 PM
5 D.V.S
"Do you know what `nemesis` means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this instance by an `orrible cunt... me"
Brick Top


"To take it is tasteless
This dick will have Wonder Women pawning her bracelet
All for candy to little Orphan Annie
In front of Tweety Bird I back shot Granny
Me and Shaggy ran trains on Velma, Daphne
Nasty! She-Hulks pussy nappy
Little Mermaid her bra made of shells
I know the pussy good but I'm not trusting the smell
Olive Oils starving don't even start me
Wilma and Betty wear the same shit to every party
Barbies got it all she can have my seed
The PowerPuff Girls got their name smoking weed
Raggedy Anne got no breasts and she cant dress
I'm not fucking with that ho she dont keep a clean crib
Thristin Howl III