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Topic subjecti heard some of phrenology.
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12049, i heard some of phrenology.
Posted by Vivrant, Sat Mar-09-02 04:20 PM
(yea...i had to)

from ? himself. lemmie tell yea....nothing that'll make you piss on yourself, but hot shit regardless.

a joint i think was "water" (hey i never heard it)

an interlude

and a joint with kweli on ad libs....a uptempo joint...like next movement but better

now i am officially tired of waiting. phrenology NOW!!!!

coming soon...soon as yall take interest in it.
the idea? a links page for all of us. if porn sites can do it we can.

here's my latest album

and heres my first album

Jack Benson
v.p.&e. - "the end of an error"(?)
the producers - "effa sample law"