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Topic subjectRE: I hate to say it...
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11522, RE: I hate to say it...
Posted by Venus, Fri Apr-12-02 05:59 AM
>You in Love with a moment.
> Moments come and go.
> The sista is talented
>Straight up and down.
>It don't matter if you
>live or on an 8

I would never dispute the fact that she's talented. I think she's better than 95% of the women out right now.

In these digital
>sound days people too caught
>up in quality of shit,
>Or that didn't sound like
>that one time I saw
>her or heard her.

I think we're supposed to get caught up in the "quality of shit." Cause if it's not quality, what is it? Honestly, the cd just sounds flat to me. It doesn't grab me and make me want to listen to it. As much as I love Jag (and I've seen her 4 times) I'm not going to fake and say I love her cd, when I don't.

>I thought her version of
>Arethas joint was tight.
>Granted I don't listen to
>all of the songs either.
> Maybe 5 or six,
>but that it's still a
>good Album to me.

That's interesting. If 5 out of 12 songs on a cd are okay, that means 7 of 12 are not so okay. You would consider that to be a "good" album. What would you consider to be mediocre?

>But hey dat's me. and
>you are you. I
>respect that.

I respect what you're saying too, but it sounds like you're excusing a mediocre album because of your love of the artist. I used to be like that too, but I got over it.

Just for the record, I would say the same thing about Alicia Keys. I think the girl is TREMENDOUSLY talented, but her cd was mediocre at best. She has a few radio hits, but the rest just seems to be filler. It seems like most people got to caught up in the hype surrounding her to admit that the cd wasn't that good.

It's all love like Venus - Malik Yusef