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11512, RE: Actually ............
Posted by peace3, Thu Apr-11-02 05:28 AM
The bitch is tight.
Stop being so damn critical.
Damn ya'll niggaz worse than white folks.
Really ya'll be comin wit some bullshit ass critiques for whatever bullshit reasons.

Just listen to music and enjoy. If you ain't feelin it...then like Jigga say Pay it no mind.


"I'm the cherry on the top of yo icecream/I'm the mystic thought inside ya dream" Kamal The Abstract or "Q-Tip from a TCQ on the jungle bruvaz album...OH YES!!!"

"You worse than the whiteman" Some lady who's on my pops case load to my pop. We had a big laugh over that one, Dat Nigga'z funny, I love that nigga.