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Topic subjectSeeing Jag Live
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11508, Seeing Jag Live
Posted by StacyAdams, Thu Apr-11-02 01:59 AM
This is ALWAYS a niggas' response for those of us who didn't like the album. "OoOOh U need to see her live to get a full appreciation of her". Bullshit, i ain't neva seent Anita Baker live and i got FULL appreciation. Just accept she made a lackluster album and get ova it. Hopefully she'll do betta next time round. I honestly hope she does. Frill.

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11509, I know right
Posted by Ray_Snill, Thu Apr-11-02 04:05 AM
that's a pretty common excuse around here but bottom line is the CD is less than stellar. I also would like for Jag to blow through the roof but I'm not feeling D,D, & D either. sorry
11510, no comment(smile)
Posted by Nathaniel, Thu Apr-11-02 04:18 AM
I am enamored of the 'voices' of:
'donny hathaway', ayanna george, 'tweet', 'intro', 'missy and timbo', 'james hall & worship & praise', shawn mclemore, 'eric matthews', 'eric dawkins', 'brandy', charles perry, mark prentice, kim burrell-wiley, kelly price-rolle, 'bilal', anaysha figeuroa, 'frank sinatra'(vintage), james 'jimmy' moss,'ted & sheri' and daryl coley(vintage).
11511, Actually ............
Posted by KnowOne, Thu Apr-11-02 04:55 AM
I would be the 1st to tell you that the album sucks. I did not like it at all. (liked only one song) However she performed here in Philly at unity day & I was more than impressed. I can honestly say she is the best live performer I have ever seen/heard. And I have heard many. The only person that comes close is Bilal. (But thats mainly because of his stage antics. Not that he sounds as good/better) On the real if Jag had put out a live CD.... she would be at Jill status by now. IMHO......

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11512, RE: Actually ............
Posted by peace3, Thu Apr-11-02 05:28 AM
The bitch is tight.
Stop being so damn critical.
Damn ya'll niggaz worse than white folks.
Really ya'll be comin wit some bullshit ass critiques for whatever bullshit reasons.

Just listen to music and enjoy. If you ain't feelin it...then like Jigga say Pay it no mind.


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11513, I would not go as far as to say all that....
Posted by KnowOne, Thu Apr-11-02 05:47 AM
But like I said I was not really feelin' her album.... but I would kill for a live CD.....

"Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow."-unknown

"I'm nothing like me"-KnowOne

"You lack the faith to move mountains; yet take pride in your ability to roll trees?"-KnowOne

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11514, yeah...what he said!
Posted by delrica, Thu Apr-11-02 06:25 AM

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11515, now niggas cain't talk?
Posted by StacyAdams, Thu Apr-11-02 05:47 AM
worse than white people? How dumb is you? Nigga if someshit is wack to you i'm SURE u ain't got no prollem holdin yo tongue bout it. But since Dean Big Brotha Almightyquest is in yo head 24/Semn, u ain't gon fess up to tha real. Fuck dat
11516, RE: now niggas cain't talk?
Posted by peace3, Thu Apr-11-02 06:33 AM
>worse than white people? How dumb
>is you? Nigga if someshit
>is wack to you i'm
>SURE u ain't got no
>prollem holdin yo tongue bout
>it. But since Dean Big
>Brotha Almightyquest is in yo
>head 24/Semn, u ain't gon
>fess up to tha real.
>Fuck dat

Ninja Pleeze!!

11517, RE: Actually ............
Posted by prezzdogg, Thu Apr-11-02 09:51 AM
>Damn ya'll niggaz worse than white
>Really ya'll be comin wit some
>bullshit ass critiques for whatever
>bullshit reasons.

You obviously have a lot of anger. I'm not sure what you mean by your racist comment though.
11518, RE: Actually ....Ya'll be killin me
Posted by peace3, Mon Apr-15-02 08:31 AM
> >Damn ya'll niggaz worse than white
>>Really ya'll be comin wit some
>>bullshit ass critiques for whatever
>>bullshit reasons.
>You obviously have a lot of
>anger. I'm not sure
>what you mean by your
>racist comment though.


Ninja Pleeze!!




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11519, i can't agree
Posted by sundasill, Thu Apr-11-02 06:06 AM
She's a whole different person on stage and that's who i was introduced to first.I seriously think they had to contain her becuase Jag will run with it.If quest and scott handed her the mic uncut for like three songs str8-unplugged style i wonder what would happen, becuase those three have magic.
You just swole.
we witness this/her from the beginning.
She just has time to grow which is all good.
If she/they scored the first album it would be something else wrong by you bitter eilitist.
11520, I hate to say it...
Posted by Venus, Thu Apr-11-02 06:07 AM
But I think I agree with Stacy. I LOVE Jag to death - she's my favorite female artist, but I really don't love the CD. I just don't think it really captured her true "essence." That might sound corny, but peep this - I bought India Arie and Jag's cd's at the same time. I skipped through several of Jag's songs because they weren't holding my interest. I listened to India Arie and didn't skip any. I'm definitely not saying that India is better, because I don't think that's the case, but I like her CD much better and it gets much more play.

I don't know what it is. Maybe I just had higher expectations from Jag's cd because I've seen her live several times and I know what she's really capable of - which is much more than what is shown on her cd.

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11521, RE: I hate to say it...
Posted by peace3, Thu Apr-11-02 06:37 AM
>I don't know what it is.
> Maybe I just had
>higher expectations from Jag's cd
>because I've seen her live
>several times and I know
>what she's really capable of
>- which is much more
>than what is shown on
>her cd.

You in Love with a moment. Moments come and go. The sista is talented Straight up and down. It don't matter if you live or on an 8 Track. In these digital sound days people too caught up in quality of shit, Or that didn't sound like that one time I saw her or heard her. I thought her version of Arethas joint was tight. Granted I don't listen to all of the songs either. Maybe 5 or six, but that it's still a good Album to me. But hey dat's me. and you are you. I respect that. Even yo stankin ass Stacy.

11522, RE: I hate to say it...
Posted by Venus, Fri Apr-12-02 05:59 AM
>You in Love with a moment.
> Moments come and go.
> The sista is talented
>Straight up and down.
>It don't matter if you
>live or on an 8

I would never dispute the fact that she's talented. I think she's better than 95% of the women out right now.

In these digital
>sound days people too caught
>up in quality of shit,
>Or that didn't sound like
>that one time I saw
>her or heard her.

I think we're supposed to get caught up in the "quality of shit." Cause if it's not quality, what is it? Honestly, the cd just sounds flat to me. It doesn't grab me and make me want to listen to it. As much as I love Jag (and I've seen her 4 times) I'm not going to fake and say I love her cd, when I don't.

>I thought her version of
>Arethas joint was tight.
>Granted I don't listen to
>all of the songs either.
> Maybe 5 or six,
>but that it's still a
>good Album to me.

That's interesting. If 5 out of 12 songs on a cd are okay, that means 7 of 12 are not so okay. You would consider that to be a "good" album. What would you consider to be mediocre?

>But hey dat's me. and
>you are you. I
>respect that.

I respect what you're saying too, but it sounds like you're excusing a mediocre album because of your love of the artist. I used to be like that too, but I got over it.

Just for the record, I would say the same thing about Alicia Keys. I think the girl is TREMENDOUSLY talented, but her cd was mediocre at best. She has a few radio hits, but the rest just seems to be filler. It seems like most people got to caught up in the hype surrounding her to admit that the cd wasn't that good.

It's all love like Venus - Malik Yusef

11523, RE: I hate to say it...
Posted by peace3, Mon Apr-15-02 08:33 AM
11524, AMEN
Posted by StacyAdams, Thu Apr-11-02 08:53 AM
tis alright to agree wit me lil mama. I would concur that India made a tighter cd. Now I ain't seen neitha live so I can't comment on who's tighter but all i know is, Arie's cd was betta than Jag's. That's just my opinion. Hopefully, she'll come widdit next time cuz i don't think she can suffer 2 bullshit albums in a row. Maybe she DOES need a live jawn next. *Shrugs*. I'm tonin down the harshness but frill.
11525, RE: Seeing Jag Live
Posted by feeldeepa, Thu Apr-11-02 06:54 AM
Hey here's one cat (and my brother makes two) who got his first taste of her on the OKP Tour in '00 or whenever that was. And her live performance is what has me UNinterested in her album (not to mention the cuts I've heard from her and just my gut feelin). You don't haveta like everybody involved in "da next movement". Ya know?
11526, i respect that
Posted by StacyAdams, Thu Apr-11-02 08:55 AM
and U even MO fo sayin it. I ain't gon lie. I NEVER heard of Jag off this site. Erything i heard about her was on here and how dope she is live, so i was like "Sheeeit, 7 bucks? I'm GETTIN that shit". Curses...foiled again.
11527, ^
Posted by infin8, Thu Apr-11-02 02:00 PM

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11528, Stacy, suga baby....
Posted by psykosoul, Fri Apr-12-02 06:08 AM
If you don't like it, then you don't like it. But if this shit is still on your mind damn near 3 months after the album dropped then it must have had some sort of impact on you. You made it perfectly clear that you weren't feeling it during the first week of its release. Now shut the fuck up.
11529, lookey here bitchmade ass nigga
Posted by StacyAdams, Fri Apr-12-02 06:55 AM
shit was broughted to my attention AGAIN. I addressed it....AGAIN. and U goatmoufin....AGAIN.

11530, Again...
Posted by psykosoul, Mon Apr-15-02 04:42 AM
I say shut the fuck up. Looks like you are missing valuable time in English class. But instead you skip school to come post this bullshit again.

>shit was broughted to my attention
>AGAIN. I addressed it....AGAIN. and
>U goatmoufin....AGAIN.

11531, No doubt.
Posted by PolarbearToenails, Fri Apr-12-02 07:00 AM
But that live show is HOT. I'd pay to see that two nights in a row.

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11532, sho'ya right.
Posted by Divine Sheba, Fri Apr-12-02 07:07 AM
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11533, the album sounds fine
Posted by spirit, Fri Apr-12-02 07:03 PM
I'm still waiting for someone to explain what they think is so bad about it. I dig it.

Thoughtfully yours,

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11534, glad someone said it
Posted by guerilla_love, Mon Apr-15-02 12:54 AM
i saw her live. twice. both times she really blew me away and made me think she has tremendous stage potential

i got the album. i love it

sure she didn't run amuk with her skills. she introduced herself. set the stage. and from here she can only grow.

why compare her to jill? or alicia? or whoever? that's bullshit. she's completely different from them.

india arie is not a vocalist. she's more of a folksinger. jag's a vocalist. and a damned good one at that.


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11535, RE: glad someone said it
Posted by peace3, Mon Apr-15-02 08:39 AM
Thank you

I'm glad someone came in here and did some Guerilla Pimp Smackin up in dis mufugg


The album is ill

LIke you said this is her introduction.

"Damn Pimp/Da Cadillac's SPacious!"-BT

11536, Same Shit, Different Day
Posted by Shelly, Sat Apr-13-02 01:19 AM
and you don't like Jag, so what! Stacy you make me think you are one of those folks with nothing else better to do with your time.

If you don't like it , too bad !
11537, RE: Seeing Jag Live
Posted by SPADE, Sat Apr-13-02 09:06 AM
Chrishawn is that you? :)
11538, RE: Seeing Jag Live
Posted by Aquaman, Mon Apr-15-02 08:36 AM
hey I didn't like the Roots live CD... but I still like the Roots... so I completely understand. If anyone heard their live disc they definitely wouldn't have a full understanding of their stage show... same with Jag. However, hopefully she will blow the @#$@##$@@#ing spot next time namean?