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Topic subjectRE: O.C. DISSED THE ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11505, RE: O.C. DISSED THE ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Erb, Mon Apr-15-02 04:27 AM
I know! AN!!!

I ain't gon' kill y'all nigs, I ain't that fool. But, I will stomp the shit out of you, I ain't that cool.- Royce

younguns ice-grillin'me/yo, you not feelin' me/fine, it costs you nothin'/pay me no mind-Jay

don't get too close, because ya might get shot-PMD

you call yourselves God/can you make it rain?/can you tell me now what I'm thinkin' in my brain?-Kool Keith

i might lick one 'tato chip, put it back in the bag, shake it up. whoever get the chip get the chip.-Meth

y'all niggas pray to Hot Rods, and not God/while Versace play your bitches like Yahtzee.-Dave a.k.a. Trugoy