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Topic subjectdamn j,
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11501, damn j,
Posted by qoolquest, Sun Apr-14-02 02:20 PM
you found that out.

bingo. righto!

the official bkyle/?uesto "dancing machine"/michael jackson robot dance rating (aka..why i love ebay)

soul train 73-@@@@@
merv griffin 74-@@@@
the carol burnette show-@@1/2
mike douglas 74-@@@1/2
dinah shore 74-@@@@
the sonny and cher comedy hour 74- @@@1/2
cher! 75-@@@@@
american bandstand 75-@@@1/2
the jackson 5ive live in mexico-@@@@1/2
the jackson weekly variety show 75-@@@
the jackson weekly variety show 76-@@@1/2
the rich little show-@@@
the jacksons live in london 1978-@@ (too busy focusing on audience frenzy instead of mike's robot break)
the triumph tour 1981-@@@@
michael jackson 30th celebration 2001-@@