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Topic subjectRE: O.C. DISSED THE ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11498, RE: O.C. DISSED THE ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by al_sharp, Sun Apr-14-02 11:35 AM
Yeah...'Time's Up' was about them too. That O.C. is a real asshole, huh?

Money is a tool to achieve goals, not a goal itself. If your goal is to attain wealth alone for luxury and survival, then what do you stand for?

Music today is so empty and horrible that it's like the end of the world is nearly here. I'm sure the letters TRL are in some way incorporated into a Nostradamus book of end-of-the-world predictions.
--Maynard James Keenan in Spin magazine

This album doesn't just hit the target, it demolishes it.
--URB magazine on Blackalicious' 'Blazing Arrow'