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Topic subjectRE: This beef is getting serious...
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11453, RE: This beef is getting serious...
Posted by JNOTA, Wed Dec-06-00 10:28 AM
its been building for years. dont forget these lines from winter wars...

"the phat lp with cappachino on the wax...put all the other lps back on the shelf"
cappadonna obviously stated that the wu tang albums were better than any roots album. he even urged the listener to put the other albums away. what he means is this: "put the roots albums away, wu tang is better"

"mcs submit to the will as i kill your juvenile freestyle"
masta killa clearly said that unless black though and malik b "submit" to him, he wants to MURDER dice raw.

"life is a test many quest the universe, and throughout it all i felt the joy and the hurt"
did you catch that one? killah priest called quest the root of all of lifes problems

"we put language in zoos to observe caged thought and toss peanuts and p funk at intellect. and motherfuckers think these are metaphors, i speak what i see, all words and worlds are metaphors of me" -saul williams