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Topic subjectwu tang dissed the roots!
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11420, wu tang dissed the roots!
Posted by JNOTA, Sat Nov-25-00 11:27 PM
a while back masta killa dissed questlove in the song "triumph" when he said "the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum"
what he meant was that questlove is dumb. also he implies that roots fans are also dumb because they listen to questloves music.

but wait! it doesnt end there! on the new album the gza calls out questlove on the song "chamber music. he said "Snares and kicks, off the project bricks, It's no act, a producer play the role with drumsticks"
its pretty obvious that hes calling questlove a fake person. he also implies that he isnt a real producer, hes only "playing a role"

i dont really know what to think of all this but the wu really mean business. i recently read an interview where the RZA said that he wanted to FIGHT questlove. he specifically said he would "kick that fuckin fro right the fuck off his big head" as if that wasnt bad enough, U-God felt the need to add these words "yo god, im small, but once they got him on the floor, yeah, i mean, yo i'd i jump in there too, get in a few kicks and shit"

"we put language in zoos to observe caged thought and toss peanuts and p funk at intellect. and motherfuckers think these are metaphors, i speak what i see, all words and worlds are metaphors of me" -saul williams