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Topic subjectRE: Brooklyn Babylon
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11210, RE: Brooklyn Babylon
Posted by nyc_rootsfan, Thu Aug-16-01 11:27 AM
i liked this film in some ways
trotter was great, strong screen presence..
rahzel was fresh as the narrator..
my main qualms come on 2 levels,

1 the relationship between these groups in nyc is strained to put it lightly, so although it seems like an appropriate conflict ot have the cliche wrong side of the tracks love story, its ultimately unbelievable because it would never happen.

2. with the shit thats going down in israel, it left a bad taste in my mouth, i know tariq is a voice for the oppressed, and by doing this film, that glamorizes or tones down the racial agenda of orthodox/zionists, i felt like he sort of dropped the ball..