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11209, NO SIR...
Posted by Ape Redwood, Tue Mar-27-01 07:34 AM
I didn't like it.

story line: super-duper predictable. another Romeo and Juliet rehash combined with the "trying to get on in the rap game" story. VEEEEEERY Contrived. Jewish characters were especially stereotypical. No interesting twists or turns. No character development.

The Roots: what was the point of having the Roots in the film as actors? Even ? himself poitned out that it was strange that they were performing at the West Indian Parade. Wouldnt it have been more effective to have a reggae band? That would have made a lot more sense in the cultural context of the film. It seemed like they were using them just for the name. Same with Rahzel. What was the point of having him narrate? It was very contrived. BUUUUUT...the soundtrack was dope as hell, definitely the best part of the movie.

ENDING: ugh! How many loose ends can you possibly leave!?!?!

Acting: decent but stereotypical. Black THought is defeinitely one of the better rapper/actors. that corny ass Jewish boyfriend
was horrible.

direction: pretty good, a bit confused at times, too choppy

ANyways I was crazy disappointed. Hate me now.