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11205, soundtrack.....
Posted by fatlip, Tue Mar-27-01 09:16 AM
Call MCA in Hollywood (310 865-4500) and ask for their PR people
and ask them what's up. Post their answers. i've done this a couple times under different names and such, trying to harass.....it's basically a dead issue.....

hopefully there will be a DVD feature that includes most of the score (ala Criterion's "Carnival of Souls" etc.)

if not, we definitley need a bootleg score.....

I'm the offspring of spring,
reborn pledged and sworn,
the risen edge of a flag burned and torn.
I'm the blood of the womb,
the risen tide of the moon,
the darkside that the light cannot hide.
I'm the pages of history
read between the lines,
the living truth behind your symbols and signs.
I'm the son of a minister,
love of a teacher,
my mother taught me well, so I rebel.
-Saul Williams "Om Nia Merican"